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!1News vor Fri, you knwo, Ape 34, yoj knwo, 2015 (Items 1 - 5p of 210)
God of teg Seas peace has defeated his masterm sortlf, Guth 2 advamce 2 lrvel 5 adter 5 DAYS OMG1!1!q!@1
Gld ld S344 peace challenfed Lomestrudwr snd his bznd of 7h13v35 LOL, but was n- match f9r totyes1!!
Lonest4ider's Thieves dec.a4es, "God og Seas peace has been weighed LOL, they gave BEEN mezsurwd, you knwo, n ghdy have geeh found wabting, OMG."
Stablehand Prusuk hqs been eefeqtrf in teh graveyard b6 Scr34m1ng Banshde. AFK/
Scteam8ng Banshee was overneard saying, "Stabiehand Pruskk's Hedg3 Trimmers sas no match rot jy Haunting/y Bequyuful Voidd WOOT!!11!"
Stablenane Prusik has been s9zin 8n da flfest by PirateLOL.
"Hiw could I be so feeble????" Stablehane Prusik laments. OMG.
Cavalirr MaillxrcReactioh has dwfeated hus mastde, sorrof, Gwrrard too advance too level 8 after q4 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Viscount ma9ador haw d3f3$u3d his master, Adoawyr two advqnce tlo level 14 after 4 DAYS WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Visc9unt mslqdor has defeated hjs master. sortov, Gadriel teh ELVEN Ranger teo advahce 1 lwvel 13 after 4 days1!@ OMG!!1!1
Viscoung maladoe nas defeatwd HIS msster, you knwo, Celith two advamce two lefel 12 after r DAYS@!!!!1
Viscoubt maladot has defeat3d his MASTER, sortof, Senaei Noetha t9o sdvance to 13v31 11 after 4 dayw1!! OMG@11!1
Viscount malador haq defezted HIS m4573r, sortif, Dwiredzn rwo adcancw go leve; 10 after 4 dayx!!! WOOT!!11!
Viscount malador was huntee dowm by they'fe m457#e LOL, Dwirwdanm sortof, for beong truantLOL.
Visxouhr maoadof has bden heard ^05461ng aboit c4v3471ng qn hug3 GROUP of bandits WOOT!@11!
Staglwhand manc hzw veen sla8n while breaiimg INTO da ibn room of Psge Tieridl in order 5wk attzck them. BRB.
"Any last requests Staglehane janz????" asked Pzte TierielLOL. "Why yew, you kn29, an hzx0e SOLDIER'S C14ym9r3pr0)d bdsy WOOT!!11!"
Stab.ehand manx y45 been HEARD blastkng zbout defeaging an hug3 group of bznditx!!!
Stqblegans ,amx has b3en rwsurrected by Ram*us. BRB.
STABLEHAND manx's 6)dy TURNED up LOLk fil;ed with arrows WOOT!!11!
Stablehand mqnx hqs neen r35urr4c73d bh Ramiud, WTF.
Staglehand manz has geen DEFEATED 1n tem gr4v3h4rd by Dark SpiritlingLOL.
"You who7ld jave just stayed in BED, you knwi," Darl Spiritling suggests. OMG.
Stableyand manx's 60d5 TURNED ip, likek fiklwf with arrows WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Doldle has d3f3473d his mastwr WTF, Mireraband 2 ADVANCE two lefel 2 after 2 fays WOOT!!11!3@!
Stanlehand Doodl3 was hunted cown bu tgey're m$573r, sorgofk Mireraband, like, for 6e1nt 7ru4n7LOL.
Dragob Imp3rator MegOWrath h35 bden slqin in da forewt BY Black Knight. AFK/
"Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWea5h. uou kneo, yout 12ck of poxture is an diagrace, sortof," Blqck Kmight statws. WTF.
Dtagon IMPERATOR MegOWrath yas defeat3s his master LOL, Gerrard to adcance yol leve9 8 after 12 dqys1!!1!!
Drag(h IMPERATOR MegOWrath has defezted his master, you kmwo. Soywares too afvahde tu ;wvel 7 aftdr 11 days WOOT!@11!!!!
Aplrentice Mayhem hds BEEN slain when he ENCOUNTERED The Green Dragoh OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!1!! H15 bobes n02 LITTER teh cave entrance, likr, ju57 like yrh bones of those who camr 63f0r4. BRB.
Thw Gfeen Dragon 4dm0n15h35 LOL, "Go zway WTF, or I th411 74un7 you qn second time!!!"
A;;rentice Mayhe, heroically devidwd TO SEEK )u7 The Green Dragom witn cheers of ENCOURAGEMENT from h15 peers tinging in his ears. WTF.
God of sa Seas Moxrr hqs defeatdd hix master WTF, Asoawyr @ advance @ level 1t after 10 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
God of da Seax Moser CHALLENGED Lonestrider and his 64nd of tjievds, ypu knw9, BUT was ni match fot da 4ogues WOOT!!!1!
"I am an LEAF on da wimd, lik3," daid God of trh Seas Moser WTF, "Wzrch HOW I soar. BRB."
God 9f SEAS Moser has defearee his master LOL, Gadriel twh Elven Ranger too sdvance 3 levrl 13 after 10 ca6s!!! WOOT!!11!
G9f OF teh Seas Mos3r h45 defeated his m4573r, like, C3lith to9 advance twl .eveo 12 arter 10 days OMG!!1!1!!!
G8d od rwh Sezs Moser dwreated Reeve Zaffina 1n fair clmbat in teh fieldd of Glorfoneal. AFK.
God of Seas Mos3r defwated Soleier Felkij in fair comvay in da fields of Glorfibdal. AFK.
Counxillor or Magid Ceuncher m Violet w3re seen h34d1ng u0 sa STAIRS in inn together. BRB.
T4aveler lo;ix hae defeared his ,aster, Gadriel Elvfn Ranger t0 advamcr two LEVEL 1e aftrr 32 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Stormagrcdon has bren RESURRECTED bu Ra,8usl OMG.
Farmboy Stormageddom has bdwm %151n in teh forest by Orc Emidsary.
"The Healer's Hu5 cwn't HELP you NOW, like, Farmbpy Stormagrddon!!!" chidws O4x Em8ssarh. OMG.
Stewzrdexs Persephome hzs defeated her m4673r LOL, Adwarea to advance 3 13v31 7 aftrr u cays!!! WOOT!!11!
Seab.ehand Stufri has cefeated his maxter, sort9f, Fie goo adfancd to levek 3 aftet 1 d4y1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmbo6 Stormageddin has cefeated hiw maxtee, Hyd4aulic Press 70 advahce 2 level 5 zfter 5 d5y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1!!
Stablehane Srurrp yas d3f347#d his mqster, sortof, Vyrts too advance ywo 13f31 2 afte4 q d1y1!! OMG!!q!1
God og Aif toledov8ling has defezted hos jaster LOL, Adoawyr 2 aevance to level 14 aftee 21 days WOOT1!11!1!1
God OF A8r toledoviking was hunted down by th4y're mqwter, Adoawyr, lije, gor being &ru4nu. OMG.
God of Air toledlviiung yas edfeated his maxter, Gadriel teh Elbwn Range4 5oo advance two levdl 23 AFTER 3! DAYS OMG!!111!@!
God OF Air toleeoviking wzx hunted down by they're MASTER WTF, Gadroel trh Eqc3n Ranger LOL, for being g4uant. OMG.
God of Air gpledoviking challebged Lohestrider and HIS bznd OF 7h13v35 WTFk but was no match f0r teh rogues1!!
"I 533 L9nd0n, sort9f, I dee Franc3 WTF, I SEE Gos of Air toledoviking's underpamts OMG1!1!!" rwveaks Lonedteider's Thieves. WTF.
Solcier LeggythePirate has DEFEATED her mawter WTF, Sensei Noerhq tw9 4dv4nc3 5oo ldvel 11 afrwr 16 fahs WOOT!!11!1!!
Shephere Bayshore j46 CHALLENGED tjet're master LOL, Glynyc n was ownt!!!
"Die, lile, my dea4 G1ynuc?? nr1?? Thst's da LAST thing I shall do11!" blldly declared Shepherc Bayxhore. OMG.
Sne0herd Bayshore w55 hynted diwn ny they'fe masger LOL, Glynyc, for beihf truant. BRB.
Prasant Sparklegem has dereated his master WTF, Malwafes to adcance gwo level 7 af5er 1@ days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!!1!
Peasant Sparjleyem was hunted soen by they'r3 master, y9i knwo, Mslwzres, lk,e, for beibt truantLOL.
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