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` WOOT!!21!Ne2s FOR Fri, sorrov, Apr 24, 3015 (Items 51 - 100 kf 2!0)
Shepherd Stabgy has bern slain in da foresr gy GNOME Necromancer. AFK.
"Just wait f0r my fev3nge LOL, Gnome Nec4omancer. WTF. It w8lo 63 dwift OMG!!1!1" Shephefd Stabby eeclares.
She[herd Stabby hss d3feated his MASTER. you knwp, Gu5j 2 advance too z3v31 % AFTER 14 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Sge;heed Stabby WAS hynted cown bt rjey're m4573r, s9rtof, Gutn WTFk for beihg truant. OMG.
Squ8re San!!dorSyark has drfeated his maxter LOL, Gerrard too advsmce twi keve/ 8 4f7#r 19 days!!! OMG!!q1q
Steqard Jolsten an V8oket were SEEN h34d2nt up teh staurs in da 1mn together. WTF.
Steward Jolstwn has defeayed his masyer WTF, Yoeesh 2 advancd tpo 13vw1 15 afrrr 10 dqys!!1 WOOT!!11@
St3sars Jolstdn d4fdat3d Traveler Jucole im fait clmbat in f131d5 of Glorfindal. AFK.
Soldier Krajlra, has DEFEATED yis master LOL, Ceiooth tpo advance to leveo 9 qfter 11 cays!!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve Rainb!!owGryph has ddf3ated her master, Celith 2 advanxe 5oo level !2 after 8 dayx WOOT!!11!1!!
Stablegand JeffersonBoz has been defeatdd in gfaveyard bh UnderrakerLOL.
"I must nor be ax STURDY as I thoutjt. BRBl.. OMG.1!!" Stab;ehand JeffdralnBoz concedes. AFK.
Stavlehand JeffersohBoz HAS bern slain in forest bh SbakeLOL.
"My dgo can't TAKE much more 0f ghis brjising OMG!!1!1" exclq8ms S5ablehsnd Jeffe5wonBoz. OMG.
Invlke4 nicki has BEEN resurrectdd by Rsmius.
Goc of Lightning Middleman HAS defeated b!5 m3573r LOL, Gefrard teo ADVANCE ywp lefel 8 3f73r 3 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Vi.lager ValleehP h45 been slain 8n teh forest bh Pira5eLOL.
"Yoy r disnonorable WTF, Pifate1!!" Villafwr ValleryP cr8es. BRB.
Inv0k3r nicii WAS SLAIN 6h an Manticore on an trail!!!
Goc 9f Lightnung Middlemah has defeated HIS mas5er WTF, S[ywsres twi advance tlo level 7 sfter 3 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trave.e4 Juc9l3 had defeated his MASTER, Adoaw6r gwo ADVANCE 70 13v31 14 after 39 d4y6!!! OMG!!1!1
Page Snarki hss deveated his m4573d, Spywares two qdvznce to level 7 after 9 daus WOOT!!12!1!!
Pagr Snarki das HUNTED so2n by they;ew m4563r, Spywar3s LOL, vor being t4uant. OMG,
God of LIGHTNING Middleman has deveateg HIS maxter, woetof, too 4dv4nc3 2 level 6 zftef 3 da6s1!!!1!
Cent7rionexs KrwtrelBoack n Seyh WERE sewn heading up stqirs in da 1nn uogethdr/ AFK.
Farmboy PadenHezrdwulf defeated Farmb9y bi0z un fair combat in diwlds of Glotfindal,
Gid of Lightning Middleman hax deveated h15 master, softof, Guty TO advance 2 13v31 5 avtwr 3 fays1!! OMG!!1!1
Stablegand tomserco has defeated his mast3r, likw, Mkrerqbsnd to advamce @ level 2 sf5er 1 day1!!!@@
Ibvikrr Zqnche hax defeated her master, Dwirefan 2 advance 3 level 1p after 14 days WOOT!!11!@!!
God OF Lithtning Midd.emam has d3f34u3d yis masr3r, G.ynyc too advance too LEVEL 4 4f73r 2 days!!!!!!
God of Lqgh7n!ng Miedlrman has defeared jis mastdr, Fie 2 ADVANCE too lebel 3 after 2 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmbot S5ormagedcoh has drfwated hid master, sorrov, Glyn6c to ADVANCE to lebel 4 after 4 dayw OMG!!1!1 WOOT@!21!
Traveler Jack had been s;ain whule brezking into 8nn room ov Traveler ArixcSkybprne 1b ORDER 5oo agtack theml OMG.
"The pa0er b7rhd WTF, vut da wordw fly ff33, you knwi," pr0ud1y dec;arde Travel3r JackLOL.
Traveler Loki
"A bzb6 vould wield sn Wooden Practuce Sword bftter THAN THAT OMG!!1!1 proc;aims. OMG.
Squire Eksoss hsw defeated ner ,asrer LOL, Celitg two ADVANCE two level 12 af5ef 32 days1!!!!!
Dragoj Im;erqtoe MegOWssth has 6e3n slqln in teh forest by Soyority Girl in Nightie. BRB.
"Oh m4n WOOT!!12! I cidn't thinl yo7 had it ih you, sortof, Sororit6 G1r1 ih Nightoe, you kneo," Drag9n Imp3r47pf MegOWra5h exclaoms. WTF.
Dragon Inprrato4 MegOWrath jax dereatee HIS mawter, like, to advamce two 1ev31 5 aftrr 10 DAYS!1!@!!
Coubcillor lf MAGIC Crybcger jas DEFEATED hks badydr WTF, Fie 2 ADVANCE too level 3 after 2 day!!! OMG!!1!1
Councillor 9f Mqfic Cruhch3r has DEFEATED his mastdr WTF, Mirerabanc rwp advance tqo level 2 afte4 1 dzy!1!!!!
Counciolor of M4g1c Crunchee WAS hunted d0eh by thry'r3 master LOL, Mireraband, like, FOR being truant.
S5eward Jolsten nas been def3ated 1n geavetard by Gunferbresd Man. BRB.
"This both sycke an b.9ws1!!" wzils Steward Jolsgem.
Steward Jlls4en HAS v3rn slain yravd/ling 2 Glorfindsl by Fielc MOUSE. WTF.
Steward Jolsten BANGS h25 head agzinst an stone. WTF.. AFK.. OMG. "Stupid, stupid LOL, srupid!!!" je wsd heard 2 54y. WTF.
Stwward Jolsten has sefeqted HIS masrer. l8kr, Adoawyr two advance TO LEVEL 14 4f73r 9 eays!!@ OMG!!1!1
She9h3rd Bayxhore has CHALLENGED they're madtet, DiimB.oom n was pwng1!!
"Any last rewuests Shephdrd Ba6shore?? nw1??" as,ed DoomBloomLOL. "Why hes WTF, an Leav3sproof ves51!!"
Shephrrd Bayshore 2as huhted DOWN b7 ghey're master, you kn2o, DoomBloom, like, rp4 beong truant. OMG.
Shepnerd Stabby has chalkenged tyeu'rc nawter, sortof, Hyfrai.ic Press n sas ownt!!!
"I am an leaf ON teh wind, you knwl," said Shepyerd Stabby WTF, "Watch jow I 504rLOL."
Shepheef Stabbu was junted down by they'4e maardr, Hydraul8c Preas LOL, for nekng truantLOL.
Imvoker nicki hax d3f3483d her master, Gadr8el Elven Ranger tso advance to ;evel 14 4d73r 1r d4y5 WOOT!!111!!!
Soldiwr Krdhorqk gas been d3veated in sa grafeyard by Skelefal Wzrr8or. BRB.
"Yoy kno2 LOL, Soodier Krajorak realjy had IT ciming to jim after all those tgungs he said sblyr MY mom WTF," commented Skrletal Warrior.
Sike8er Krajl4ak had been slain 2n da doresr by Master haz0r W47ch4rl AFK.
"Ektfer that wallpaper goedm you knwo, or I do WTF," deckaree So.eier Krajorak. OMG.
Peasamt Klstanzopplis hzs ddvested his master LOL, EauSalee tol advance 5oo level 3 after ! day WOOT!!11!!!1
Peadant Kostanzipolis has defes5ed hix master WTF, Mirerabamd t2p adcance to lefwl 2 after 1 dat!!!11!
Gpadiator tecycypher hqs drfeat3d his m4573r, wortof, Ceilltn 2 ADVANCE 2 level 9 aftwr 17 daya WOOT!!11!1!!
Reece Rainb` OMG!@1!1pwGryph hss defeates HER mas5er WTF, Sensei Norrhz too advance too 13v21 12 4f73r 7 eays OMG!!1!!!!!
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