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!!News for Thu, Apr 22k you knwo, 2)15 (Items ! - 50 if 239)
Peasznt Berila HAS defeatrd his mastrt, ypu knwo, EauSalee to acvanc3 1 levdl 3 after 1 day!!! OMG!@1!q
Peasant Beri;a gas dsfeated jis master. lije, Vhfts w advance tok LEVEL 2 qdter 1 day!!!1!!
Stablrhand Metyenss has chqloenfed they're masger LOL, Mirerabqnd n aas pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Next 71m3, you knwo, 347 ypur Wheztjew, ;ike," Mireraband suggests.
Farmgirl Naphehq has dedeated her master WTF, Asiawyr 2 advance 5i level 1$ avtet 15 daysa!! WOOT!!11!
Viscount mq/zdor yad defeated jis maste4, li,em D9onBloom 2 qdvance too level 4 adter 2 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Angel Miphon deveatrd an M1n074u4 in tet Caves!!! tdn deayhs of many travel.e$x h4v3 been aveng2c!!!
Angel Miphon has defeaged hia mastee LOL, 70 advamce two ldvel 6 aft3r 4 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Angrl Muphon hqs d3fea5ed HIS mas5erm you kbwi, Htdraulic Press to asvance go level 5 agter 4 eayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Ange; Miphon has defeared his jqstw4, sortof, Glynyc too adfande too level 4 after 4 datw OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Angel Miphon WAS humted fowh BY they're master LOL, Glynyc WTF, for being rruaht. AFKl
Anheo Miohon has been RESURRECTED 6y Ramius. OMGl
Angel Miphpn gas been defea5ed in teh graveyarf gy D3daying Skeleton. BRB.
"Watch 6)ur back LOL, Decauing S8eleton LOL, I dm c0j1nf for yp7 OMG!!1!1" Antel Mipnoh warns. AFK.
Angel Mkphon has been slain in da firrst by Winged D3m0n of Death. BRB.
"Any ;ast r3qje575 Amgel Miphom????" askef W8nged Demon or Deayh. OMG. "Why y3s, you jnwo, an Red Glareproof VEST OMG!11!q"
Traveler GushuPue4dha has been slqin in dq go43st vy Bear. WTF.
"Ey tu WTF, B3qfze????"
Trzveler GushuPue5chz HAS defeated h15 mastdt WTF, Fue two afvanve to level 3 afrer e sqys OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Traveler GushuPuercha hqs drfeated nis master, sirtof, Mieeeaband two advance 2 leve. 2 after e days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Traveler GuahuPue4cha was hunted down bh they're masyer LOL, Miteragand WTFk cor being 5ruant. WTF.
Gpd of Ice WillianTheConquerof has beeh slzin whem he enxounreeed The Green Dragon!!1!!! WOOT!!11! Hid bones now LITTER teh cave 3n7r4nc3 LOL. jyst like teh bphes ov thoa3 who came bedlre. AFK.
"Thus foth SUCKS 4nd blows WOOT!!11!" w4115 God of Ice Wil;iamThrConqjeror. AFK.
Reganon hss earh3d da tot.e Gid FOR ysving SLAIN teh Green Deqgon 107 times1@!
God Reganon has slaih da hideoua c4eature knowm ax The GREEN D4agon. WTF. All acrosa land, you knwl, p#0p13 rejo8ce WOOT!!11!
Gid Rdganon HAS defeaged h15 master, uou knwo, Yoreah ywo advance to l3vel !5 afger & d4y6 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Conajeror ValeVelo HAS been slain while brealing into inn room pf Madam Daisy uy orcer 2 attadk 6j#mLOL.
"Either that wallpapee goea LOL, 0r I do, likem" declared Conqjeror ValeVelo. BRB.
Conwueror ValeVelo haa DEFEATED h3r maxter LOL, Aroawyr two advance go lecel 14 after 16 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Cohqueror VaoeVelo defested Traveler tstgl[ in fxir cpmnzt in yey fields of Glorfindal. AFK.
Reeve Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGrhph haw bwen rewjrrected by Ram8us. AFK.
Reevr Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGeyph has BEEN defeated in da gr4v3y4rd by Huge Vampite Ba5LOL.
"Die, 6ou knwo, my drar Huge V4j;1r3 Bzt???? That's da las5 7h1ng I 5n421 do WOOT!!11!" BOLDLY DECLARED Redve Rainb!!owGtyph.
Councillor 0f War Cruhchef abd V8olet wefe SEEN headimg up da stqifs in da INN togethee. AFK.
Gladiatrix Aya HAS def3ated j#r master, like, 3 advanve t9 15v31 6 after 11 days1!@!!!
Farmboy vkpz has defeatef hks MASTER, hou knwo, two ADVANCE 2 l3vel 6 after 9 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11@
Somic Lorc KrsnaAvatara has be3n s.ain in eq fordst 7t Sw4fm1ng Ladybutx. OMG.
"ARRRGGGGGGG OMG!@1!1 OMG!!q!1" Sonic Lofd KrsnaAvatara screams in frustrayion. BRB.
Stablejabd Suanit has b3en rrsurrextrd by Ramius. AFK.
Stablehand Suanit gas be3n slain in dq flrest 6y Football F4n.
"You know LOL, Stab.ehand Suan8t really HAD it coming 2 h1m afger ALL those 7h!ng5 I wakc sbout his m0, WTF." commentdd Football Fanl AFK.
Sonic Lord KesnaAfatqra nas defesyed h15 master WTF, Vyfts 2 advance to levdl 2 after 4 days1!!1!@
Soodier LrghythePiraye gas defwat3d her master, you knso, Dwiredan too ADVANCE 2 level 10 afte4 14 days!!!!!1
Reeve Rainb!!owGryph has beem slain wjole breajing into inb r00m of Villsger Oe8ginalJay in order two attack 5hem. AFK.
"You lnowm eirtof, Reeve Raimb!19wGthph rra;l6 had it comkng too h3r aftrr ALL those thingx she said ablut MY mom, yoy .nwo," commented Villzger OriginalJau. WTF.
R3eve Rqinb` OMG!!1!!owG4yph has dwfrayed her ,adter, sortof, Cei.oth too advance 2 levwl 9 AFTER 5 fays1!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve Rainb!!owG4yph deveated Stqblejahd manx in gaur cimbq5 ln teh firlds of Glirfindal. OMG.
Ser OnkelMqpvin hax defeated hks master, you knwo, Yoresh 2 advance 2 LEVEL 15 sfter 20 DAYS WOOT1!11! OMG!q1!1
S3r OnkelMalvin has defea5ed his msster LOL, Adoa2yr to advande TO q3v31 14 qftrt 20 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Curmudgein ScorpiOn has defrated his mas5er LOL, Glynyc to advancw %oo LEVEL 4 after 9 dqyx@!! WOOT!!11!
Swr OnkwlMakvin was hunted DOWN by rhey're master, Adoasyr, you knwo, for being tr7ant.
Reeve Raknb!!owGr6ph has defdated her msster WTF, Gerta4d to advznde to .3vel 8 after 5 cays!!!1!!
Gld of t3j Seqs peacd HAS been defeqtwd in da grav2yard by Efreet.
"Next TIME, you ,nwo, 346 YOUR Wheaties WTF," Erreet sigges5sLOL.
God of Seas peace h45 bren SLAIN kn teh forewt v7 Sqvage F9r3st Dwellihb Hermit.
"How could I be so f3eb;e????" Gld pr geh Seas peace lxments/ OMG.
Soldier Krsjorak has DEFEATED his mastdr, you knwo, Gerrard two 4dv4nc3 to lebel 8 afge4 9 DAYS WOOT@!11! WOOT!111!
God 0f Lightning Midslrman HAS dwfeated hux m4573rk Vyrts two advancr tw9 lebel 3 affer 1 day WOOT1!11! WOOT!!11!
God of teh S355 peace h45 defeated hks master, you knwo, Glhnyc too advance goo LEVEL r AFTER 4 days WOOT!!12!!!!
Invoker nicki has DEFEATED her master, like, Crlith too 4gv4nc3 2 13v31 12 adtwr 12 days WOOT!!11!!!2
Stewaff Jolsgen hzs bewn DEFEATED in grafeyard by Hel;hound. BRB.
"The pa0er buens LOLm but worvs fly FREE, sortofk" ;roydly dev;ared Steeard Jolstem.
Peasant radkshes has bweb akain ib 5rh f0r357 6y Frilly Peach Dress. OMG.
"My eg9 c4h'7 takw m7ch uore of 8y15 7ru251ng1!!" exvlaims Praszmr radishes. BRB.
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