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If ye are not a new player an' ye suddenly have red text tellin' ye t' read this befere ye can post, it *MAY* be because ye need t' read th' MotD an' ye annoyed a staff member.


Thank ye.

Welcome t' Legend o' th' Green Dragon.

Ye wake up one day, matey, an' ye're in a village fer some reason. Ye wander around, matey, bemused, matey, until ye stumble upon th' main village square. Once there ye start askin' lots o' stupid questions. People (who are mostly naked fer some reason) throw things at ye. Ye escape by duckin' into a nearby buildin' an' find a rack o' pamphlets by th' door. Th' title o' th' pamphlet reads: "Everythin' Ye Wanted t' Know About th' LotGD, but Were Afraid t' Ask." Lookin' furtively around t' make sure nobody's watching, ye open one an' read:

So, ye're a Newbie, arr. Welcome t' th' club. Here ye will find answerz t' th' questions that plague ye. Well, actually ye will find answerz t' th' questions that plagued US. So, here, read an' learn, an' leave us alone!"

New Player & FAQ
New Player Primer
Frequently Asked Questions on Game Play (General)
Frequently Asked Questions on Game Play (with spoilers)
Frequently Asked Questions on Technical Issues
Frequently Asked Questions on Multiple Villages
Customs on this Server

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th' Management.
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