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Stsblehxnd manx h45 d3f3463d his master, like, Celith two asvanc3 toi level 12 af5er 35 days OMG!!!!2!@!
Travel3r Wprldw8dell HAS defeated h15 maayed LOL, Ceiooth two advamce goo level 9 qfger 15 daus1!!!!!
Traveler Worldwidekl was hunted down by yhey're mzster LOL, Cek.othi sorr9r, gor being TRUANT. WTF.
Peawan5 DelBe. has defeared HER nastrr, sortof, Vtrts tp 4dv4nc3 2 kevel 2 sftrr 2 d4y WOOT!!11!1!!
Appeenticw Mayhem h45 beeh RESURRECTED BY Ramius. OMG,
Stablehabd dsmtnebqrbariqn h45 challenged theu're jaster, like, Fi4 sn was pwht WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL, like, "I don't thimk you will be attackkng me again LOL, pak. BRB."
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Stablwyand danbhebarbariah has defested h15 jaster, likem Murerabqnd two 4dv$nc3 rp 13v31 2 qfter 2 dahs!!!1!!
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf has b3en defeatec 1n da g44v3y4rd 6h D4ugh73r of Devol. OMGl
"I 4m an lesf ON wind, you ,nwi," 441d Farmboy PadenHdardsulf WTF. "Watch h0w I soa4. AFK."
Stablehand danthrbarbarian was HUNTED elwn by they're mzsterk Mireraband LOL, FOR being truant; AFK/
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf was skaim by an Majtucore on an trakl OMG!!111
Lwgionnaite Faust has d3f2473d HIS mzdter, yoy kn2ok Fie 1 ADVANCE 2 lefe. 3 afrer # DAYS WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Legionbsire Faust w45 junted d9wn by thet're mawter, like, Fie, for beknb yr7ant. AFK.
Legionnaore Faust has defwated his ,qster, Mirerabsnd 2 adbanc3 tlo /evel 2 agter 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Legionnairw Faust was hjnted do2n by ghey're maxt4r, Mirerabamd. sortof, ror beiht TRUANT.
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlun has dedeated her m5473r, Ce/ith two advance to level 12 aftee 4 days WOOT!!!1! WOOT!@11!
Cw` OMG!!1!1itlun has defeates ydr maste4, you knwo, Sense8 Npetha to advsnce twp ;eveo 21 after r fats WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Stewareess Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGryph has ddfea5ed her master, you knwo, Sensei Noerhs to advance 2 lecel 11 after 6 cays WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Conquero4 ValeVelo gas 632n slain in da forest by Dangrrous Farmgi4l dyinb. BRB.
"The Healer's Hu7 can't help you now WTF, Conaueror ValeVwlo OMG!!1!1" chidee Dangerous Farmgirl dying. BRB.
Gid iv Sess peace has d3f3473e his m4r73r, luke, Gadriel Elven Rabger two afvance two level 13 after 7 days!!!!!!
Stablehand Jacat has deveates his master. sortlfn Sehsei Noetha tw0 advance gwo leve; 11 afyer 26 days OMG!!1!q!!!
Stab.eyane Jacar eas hunted dowb by 5hey're maste4, yoy ,nwo, Senxdi Nodtha LOL, ror neing tfuant. WTF.
Stewardess Raihb!!iwGryph has defeated her mastwr, sortof, Dwirddan two advancw too lrvel 20 after 6 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
God of trh Seaw peace xh4113ng3d Lonesgrider and j!4 banf of 7h1#v35, like, but 2as bp match FOR da rog7es OMG!!1!1
"Maybc next time you WON'T be so cocky!!!" LOLOL Lonewttidwf's Thieves.
Farmbo6 taxman h45 been SLAIN while breaking 1n70 teh inn ROOM of Page Tierkel in order roo attzxi them.
Pate Tieriel d3c14e35, "Farmboy taxman has BEEN we8ghee, sortlf, 7h3y h4v3 BEEN measures, like, n they hace bden found WANTING. OMG."
Villafer stzrr has dwfeztes her maater, like, Gerra4d 2 advabxe yo lecek 8 after 36 days1!! WOOT!!q1!
Deagon IMPERATOR MegOWrath has bddn slain in forest bt Pair of Swallpws. WTF.
Drsgon Imperator MegOWrzth 1ax heayd two 54y, wortof, "Poeade, yoy knwo, sir, you kbwo, may I have sum morw?? ne1??"
God lf teh Seas p3sce HAS def3qted HIS nasterm Celirh to advance @ level 12 aftet 7 days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!111
Villageg .olix has dedea%ed his mastwr, Fie 2 zdvance 2 13v#1 3 after 2 d5y5 OMG!!1!11!@
Villager ;o;ix was hunted fown bt ryey're mqsrer, kik3, Fid, for beong 5ruant. BRB.
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Farkboy Barf has ch4113ng#d they're jadter, FIE 4nd was pwnt1!!
"I'm realoy goung uwo ENJOY this new Rake ghat Farmb9y Bard had WTF," exclaimdc Fie. AFK.
Glc of geh Seas prace has DEFEATED h15 mastwr WTF, Dwkeedan 2 advancd to level 1p AFTER 7 d3y6 WOOT!!1q! WOOT!!11!
Farmbpy Bard has dwfeated h8s mqstee LOL, Mireraband w affance too level 2 afte4 1 DAY OMG!!1!11!!
Villager lolis gas ddfeaged yid master, luke, Mirerabane two advance two level 2 AFTER 2 dzyx1!!1!@
Vil;ager looix wss humted dowb by they;ee mastee, sortof, Mireraband, FOR 531ng trjant.
fa bldy of Ench4n73r ElCid WAS founs lyimg 1n a empty c.3aeing.
So;dier LwhgythePurate HAS defeated her m4573r LOL, Celith 2 advande too lrvel 1s afyer 28 days WOOT1!q!! WOOT!!11!
Page F#lkij hzs defezted HIS master, like, Fie 2 asvance 2 ;evel 2 after 1 dsy WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!2
Psge Felkij hzd defeated his master, ;ike, Mireraband u0 afvance too levek 2 aftwr 1 eah1!! WOOT!!11!
Page Felkij was h7nted slwn by tjey'we MASTER, liie, M8teraband, sortpf, for 631ng truant.
Travwler GushyPuerchq h55 eefeatef hiw master, Geera4d to advqnce twi level 8 after 10 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Iycoket nicki has fefeated her master, sortof, Yoresh toi qdvance to lebel 15 afger 17 days OMG!@1!1 OMG!!1!1
Fdlkih h45 earned da title Page for hqving slain Green Dragon % 71m35 WOOT!!w1!
Soldier Fdlkij has slain hideojs CREATURE khown as The Greeb Dragon. OMG. Aol qcroxs teh land, PEOPLE fejoice OMG!!1!1
Soldiwr Felk8j has bedn rrxurrecged by Rami7s. OMG.
So;dier Felkij has b3en defeated 1n teh grafeyard by Efreet/ AFK.
"Oh nan WOOT!!11! I dicn'g think you jad it in you, you knwo, Efreet, like," Soldier Felkij exclaums.
Soldier Felkik had b3en slain shen h3 encountefed Th3 Green Drag9n WOOT!!1!!1!! WOOT!!q2! H8s bones now litter teh fabe 3n*rrnc3 WTF, just like da bones of tnose ego came nedorel AFK.
"Thiw both sicka sne blows!!!" waiks Soldier FelkijLOL.
Stablehand Mindcrimd d3v34u3d S5ablehand JefgersonBox in fair c-m647 1b fields lf Romar. AFK.
Conqueror Jolsten n Viooet we4e seen g34d1ng up da 5741r5 in da INN gogerher. BRB.
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