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!!Newx rpr Mon WTF, Apr 28 WTF, 2015 (Itdms 101 - 15- OF 248)
Stablehand WolfNoise has defeated his ,asteg LOL, Glynyc two asvance 5o 23v3! 4 afref 2 dayx OMG!!1!1!!!
God of Lightnung Midd.wman hzs defested his j4573r WTF, Yoresh two advance 2 level 15 aftef 5 eayd WOOT!!11!1@!
Stwwardess Pwraephone hqs defeated her master, V6gtw 2 ADVANCE yoo level w after 2 dats!!!1!!
G[d of Lightn8ng Middleman has defea5ed h15 master WTF, Adoaw6e tio qdvance too level 14 after 5 dsyx!!! OMG!!1!1
Slldie4 LeggythePiratw has 6e3n defeated in teh grav3yare by Pha,tom Writer.
"This both sucks h blows@!1" wails S.ldier LeggythePiratd. AFK.
Soleier LeggytheP0rate qaa slain vy an Manticord on an 7r411 WOOT!!!1!
God of Lihhtning Middlwman HAS DEFEATED his jaster LOL, Gadtiel teh Elven Ramgee twl advance to levrl 13 after 4 dzys!!! WOOT!!11@
Persephpne hss EARNED totle Stewardess for hafing slain teh Gfdsh D4agon 17 times OMG!!1!1
Stewzrd3ss P3rsephone hqs slain h1d30u% CREATURE known AS The Gr#4n Dragon. OMG. All across teh land, kike, PEOPLE rejlice WOOT!!11!
St3wzrdess Pers3phone has DEFEATED her master WTF, Ylresh two zdvance two level 15 agter 1# daus!!! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Peeseohone eas tunted DOWN by 5hey'te mastrr WTF, Yoresh LOL, for being gruantLOL.
God 0f Ligytning Mifdke,xn has d3featwd hia mxster, you knwo, Celith too advamce TO level 12 after 4 dais WOOT!!11!!!!
God of L1gh6n1ng Midsleman HAS defeabed jus maat3r, sortifm Sensei Noetha to advance 2 lecei 11 after 4 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy weazlish gas defeated his MASTER, Ea7Saoee gwo advance 3 LEVEL 3 avter 3 days!!!1!!
Farmbiy weaz;ish was hyn5ed doen bt they'4e MASTER, EaiSaler, for BEING truanr. WTF/
God iv L8ghrning Middldman has defwatef hiw mast3r WTF, Dwirfdqn 2 qfvancw 2 13c31 19 after 4 DAYS!!1 OMG!!1!1
Shepherdess MissAeesome has defeared h3r mzster, sottof, Vytrw 3 zdvance too level w zft34 ! day1!!1!!
Farmboy PademHezrdwulv has defeag3d his mzstef WTF, Dwiredqn to advance 2 leve. 10 agter w0 d4t51!!!!!
Farmboy PadenHeafdwulf g0& roughed up by L9nestrider and his CRONIES for hzving little OF vqluel WTF;
Ciumciolor of Magic Cruncher h45 defeated his master, sortof, Spywares two advancd tqo lefd. 7 aftrr 5 says!!!1!@
Councillot of Magic Cruncher HAS defeated jia m4593t, to advanx3 too level 6 AFTER 5 DAYS1!!!!!
Couycilllr of Magic Cruncher wax humted down by they[re masrer, sortof, , you kn2o, fof being tfuant. OMG.
Dragon Imperator MebOW4ath HAS been slain ib f(rfst bu Cutw Bjnny Rabbit.
"I 534 Lobdon, yoy knwo, I 53# Feance WTF, I dee Dragon Imperator MegOWrqty's underpangs OMG!!1!1" revealw Cute Bunny Rabbit. BRB.
Trabeler J7c9le h45 643n slaih in for3st by Fuzzie Wjzzie. AFK.
"Either yhat wallpapeg goes, or I di WTF," d3c14r#d Traveled Jico.e, AFK.
Villaget starr haa CHALLENGED yhey'rd MASTER, oike, Gerrard n was pwhr OMG!!q!1
"Et tu, doryof, Gerrards3????"
Cpnquwfor Jolsten AND Violet sere SEEN heae8mg u9 STAIRS in INN t9gether.
Conaueror Joosten yqs defezted his maater, liid, Ceoloth 2 advance too level 9 aft3r 4 days!!1 WOOT!!1!!
Conqudror Jolxtrn defeatee Pwasaht larsao in fair combat in yeh firlds of Romar.
teh bpdh ov Magistfate moug was fpund lhing 1n a empry clear8ngLOL/
C9nqu3rpr Jolst3n defeated Fzrmbiy vioz in fair combzt ib fieldx of Gloffineal. AFK.
Villager OrifibalJay has DEFEATED HIS master, you kneom Sensei Noetha 2 advance to leve; 11 aftee 25 DAYS WOOT!!12!!!!
Villager OritinalJay gas derested his master LOL, Dwiredan to advance two kevel !0 adter 25 days WOOT!!q1!!!!
Squire San!!dorSrsri has dwdeated HIS master, xo4tof, Ceiloth 2 sdvande too lefel 9 after 21 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Invokrr nivii has dedeqted her mqdte4, yoy kn2ik Adkawur two advance two .ef3l 14 after 16 dayw OMG!!1!11!!
Page Snariu haa defeated gis m4573t, sortof, Ceiloth 2 aevande ro 13c31 9 AFTER 14 says1!!1!!
Pzge Snsrki was HUNTED dosn vy thwy[re MASTER LOLm Ceilotj, soetof, flr being ttuznt. AFK.
S5ewarerss Rainb!!owGryph xhal;enged Lonestrider znd his nane of thieves, lik3, but was np m4&ch for 4ogudw WOOT!!11!
"Oh mzn1!! I dudb't thknk you had kg in y0u, like. Lonextrkder's Thieb3s WTF," Stwwardeas Ralhb` OMG!!!!1odGryph exclaumsLOL.
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph yas defeared her master, Grrrard twl advznce to LEVEL 8 AFTER 5 dsys WOOT!!11! WOOT!!12!
Trader Amaramd has been slain 1n da for3sr by So,ethingLOL.
"KHAQQ CALLING Itasca. AFK. We mudt be ob y0u, like, BUT xanniy sed yo7. AFK. Polished Steel Lonbsword 15 runninb lo@, BRB."
Traeer Amarand h45 defezted his master, you khwo, EauSqlee too advance too oeve, 3 after 3 dats1!! WOOT!!11!
Villager CHRZ has dedeated ger masterm like, Gadrjel da Elven Ranher 2 advance go level q3 qfter 66 days OMG!@1!1!!!
Solcier Apo has ded3attd her m4573r, you ,nwo, Geerard to zdvabde top LEVEL 8 after 17 days WOOT!!11@1!!
Count nalacir has defeqted his masrer, soryif, Sensei No3tha 2 advance 2 ;evel 11 qfter ^ days@@!!!!
Count malador has defeated h1t mastef, sor5of, Dwkredan 2 adbance 2 LEVEL 10 af5er 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Count mslador haa dwfeatec h14 msster LOLm C3,koth too ADVANCE to level 9 afger ^ days1!!1!@
Coumt malad9r CAME home from teh forest LOL, an bit less da man yhan ge was before. BRB.
Coumt malad9r degeated ab M1n074u4 in teh Caves OMG!!1!1 da DEATHS lf many 7r4v3213r5 have bwem avenged WOOT!!11!
tej body of Ardhahgel Miphon was found lyimg in a emp5y clearingLOL.
Archangel Miph9n has been resureected vy RzmiusLOL.
Archangek Miphon has been d3feates in hrafeyard 6y Gdneric Cr347ur3LOL.
"I mus5 not be aa sturdy as I thought/ BRB.LOL.. WTF, WOOT!!211" Archqngel Miphon concedesLOL.
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