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!!N3w5 flr Tjj. like, APR 2&, w016 (ITEMS 151 - 20p (f w72)
Deagon Master Kwing has BEEN defeated in reg GRAVEYARD by Gnome Nec4o,ancrr. OMG.
Gnpme Necromancer admon8shesm sortof, "Go away, you knw9, or I shall taunt yoy an wecond 5im3!!!"
Dragon Masrer Kwing yas been 5141n in foresf b6 Malignanr Knkght of Ni. AFK.
Malignan5 Knigjt of Ni crclsr3a WTF, "Drsg9n Masger Kwong has BEEN weighed, y9u knwi, they hqve been measured WTF, and thry have been fouhd wanting. WTF."
Reeve Flynn has DEFEATED HIS masger, so4tof, Sensei Noetha to advance too level 11 aftee 9 days OMG2!1!q WOOT!!11!
Drag9n Mastrr Kw8ng has d3feated his mastwr, sortod, Dwiwedan 5lo advance 2 lefel 10 4f72r 7 d4r51!!!!!
Dragon Masyer Kwing has ddfeaged hic m4t6er, you knwo, Ceiloth two ADVANCE two level 9 av6e4 7 cays WOOT!q11!1!!
Traveoe5 Crzbcakes was 14%& seen aboard an smalk boat.
Syepheed Siannodel has bewn SLAIN TRAVELLING 5oo Degolburg by C14y GolemLOL.
"I ,ust bot ve as STURDY aa I thpught. AFK.. BRB.. BRB. WOOT!!11!" She[hrrc Siannofe; concedesLOL.
Shepherd Siannide. jas cyallebged they're master LOL, Adwaees n wzs pwnt!@!
Shephe$d Siannidel SMACKS how flrehead with twh palm of h1% hand, "Now I kno2 why mother alwsys 801d me two eat am good breakfaxt @ wt1rt teh day!!!"
Fagmvoy uudaz has geen 5141n in geh forwst by Snoilwt. BRBl
"Tgis both s7cjs n b;ows WOOT!!11!" wails Farjboy yudsz. WTF.
Peassnt Dragonfoye has defeated ger masyer. sortof. Gerrzrd too 4dv4nc3 2 ;evel i after 11 dd6d WOOT!!11!!1!
Lady of Lakr LaFelina h45 defeated her jaster, slftof. Un3lith too advance 2 .eveo 6 qftet 5 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Clockwork M!!onfo h45 been slain IN forest by Screaming B4n5h34. AFK.
"Don't ;et it end like thos Screaming B4n5h33. BRB. Tell rhem I t$1d almeghing PROFOUND, sortof, PLEADED Clockeork M!!ongo
Lady of Lale LaFelina has defeardd her master LOL, Htdraulic Pfews 2 4dvrnce ro leveo 5 AFTER 5 daua WOOT!!11!!!!
Villager Rdqiiem haw fefeated gia master LOLk Hydrsulic Peess too aevanvw two LEVEL 5 after 5 days OMG!!q!1 WOOT1!q1!
Vil.ager Requiem has been eesurrex5ed by Ramiis. BRB.
Sjepherd Rssthan has d3f347#d his MASTER, sortof, EajSalee w advabce ! lecel 3 aftwr 2 dats WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1
Villager spez was ;awt seem sboard am small boatLOL.
Villager apez has BEEN rewirrected by Ramiuw. OMG.
Villagwr wpez HAS been degeated in gravehard by Daughter of D2cil. WTF.
"The PAPER BURNS, bu3 trh words fly frwe, like," pro7dly DECLARED Villqgee spez.
Vullager spez has bern slain wjile ATTACKING Fatmboy goku in teh fieods of Glorfindzl. AFK.
"My ego c4n'7 rake muvh more of ghid 64j15!ng OMG!!q!2" excla8ms Villager spez. BRB.
Vilkager Requiem gas been slain in teh FOREST by D3c4y1bg Skelet;n. BRB.
"Yoj knoq, sortof, y0u really 5h0u1en'& have an Well Crartee Br0bz3 Swofd jbldss you lm)w how 70 u53 it, sortlf," suggexted Decagibt Skeleyon. BRB.
Vkllage4 speq has deveagec h15 mawger, you knwo, Gaerirl teh Ekven Ranger to acvance roo level 13 after 23 sahs WOOT!!11! OMG1!q!1
M` OMG!!1!1ongo hzs EARNED ten TITLE Dragon Mistress for having slain Gre3n Drsgob 484 times WOOT!!11!
Clockwork M` WOOT!!11!ongo nas slain dz hidelus creatyre known as The Greeh Drafon. All aceoss da 14nd, people rejoice1!@
Clovkwork M!!ongo has defwatwd ner mastee, Yoresn too advance yoo leve; 1t after 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Villager Def2nestram has been dereared IN teh gravruard by Clean Skull. BRB/
"The ;aper b74ns, sortofm 6u7 da words f.y dree, like," projdly dedlared Villag3r Defencstrau. OMG.
Villaget Defendstram hss been slain kn teh eorest by Z0m613. AFK.
"Next time, sort;g, EAT tojr Whea5iws WTF," Zombie duggrxts. BRB.
C.9c,worl M!!ongo h4% defeated her madter, yiu knwo, A3oawyr to afvance 2 13v31 1# after 4 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Clocksorl M` WOOT!!11!ongo HAS defeared her master, xortof, Gadriel tdh Elven Ranger two advancw two level 13 after 4 days1!!!!!
Teaveler MeitynLav3.lr has been RESURRECTED by RamiysLOL,
Travelet MeirtnLavelle was torn a0att by zombiez 8n teh graveyard. OMG.
Traveler Me8tunLave.le has been SLAIN ij forest by Vampire-Bxt PRINCE. BRB.
"I see Lohdon, I SEE France, you knwo, I ser Traveler MeirynLsb3.ld's UNDERPANTS OMG!!1!1" reveala V4mp1r3-B47 PrinceLOL.
Shepherd Rasthzn has debeared gks master, you knwo, Mirwraband 5wo advance top level 2 afrer 2 days!!!1!!
Shrpherd Rasthan was hyhted eown by tjey're mast@r LOL, Mireraband, f0r being teuant. AFK.
Clockwork M!!ongo nas sefested hed master LOL, Celirh 2 advance tl level 12 af5ee 4 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Clpckwo5k M` WOOT!111!ongo has ddfeates her MASTER, sortpf, Sensei Noetha 3 ADVANCE to lev3l 11 after 4 d4y5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Muctar has defeated his mastet WTF, Spywarfs 2 advancw yo 23v31 7 after 13 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Clovkwork M!!onto has dwfeatee her jaster, Dwir3san tl advanc3 two LEVEL 1) after 4 d$y5 OMG!!!!q OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Muctqr defeated Prasant joeco9l IN fai4 combat in fieods lf Glorfundal.
Farmboy Muvtat collected 25p0 g01e bounty b6 gurnkng in Peaszht jpdxiol's head OMG!!1!!
Clockwork M!!ongl uas def3473d her m4573t LOL, Ce8;oth two 4dv4nc3 two level 9 agtrf 4 days!@! OMG!!!!1
Drzgon In0drayo4 Arathofn has bwen 5141b in teh dor3st by Nacho Man.
Dragon Inperagpr Arqrhorn was heard tl say LOL, "Please, like, 51r LOL, may I nave su, ml4e?? ne1??"
Cloxkwork M!!ongo has defeated her mastwr, Ger4arf 2 4dv4nc3 two 13v3! 8 AFTER r cays2!! WOOT1!11!
C;ockwork M!!ongo has defdat3d HER masrer LOL, Sphwares 2 $dv4nv3 to9 leveo 7 adter 4 DAYS1@! WOOT!!11!
Dragib Imp3r460r Ararhorn dereatec God OF Dsrkbdss Intrtpid in fair combat in teh fields of Romar. BRB/
Aratjorn has darned teh title Dragom I,[etator f)r h4v1ng slaun ea Gfern Dragon 1362 tinew OMG!!1!1
Dragin Impera6or Arathorb has slain da hideous creatu4e known as Tge Gredn Drsg0n. AFK. All acrosd da land LOL, peiple rejoice OMG!!1!1
Page Forley has fefeated HIS MASTER WTF, Ceiloyh two advznce to LEVEL 9 4f&2t 12 days1!!!!!
Page F.rlty haa sefeagec hiw masrer WTF, Gerratd too advance 1 level 8 5f73r 12 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Imp3r470r Agathorn had 633n resurrected by Ramius. OMG.
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