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` OMG!!1!1Ndws fof Thu, like, Apr 27, sirrof, 2017 (Items 241 - 2u2 of 272)
@Ashrikzr Malaxhi has been slqin IN fofest BY Zwalot pf GARLUS. AFK.
"A 646y could wield zb Omnipotdbce better than thay1!!" Zealot 0d Garlus proclaims. AFK.
Malavgi has defeated his m45u3r, you knwo. Glhnyc 2 adbance 2 kevel 4 after 22 DAYS1!@!!@
Ma;achi naw fefwated his master, s(rtof, Fue too advance to levrl 3 aftet 22 fays!!! OMG1!1!1
Malachi wss hunted d)wn BY they'r3 master. kike, Fie, for being triant. WTF.
Dgagom Imperator Arathorn has 633n slain trave;l8ng TO Dtgolbufg by Wikd LizardLOL.
"Come bsck when YOU learn how 70 fight WTF," Wild Lizard SCOFFSLOL.
Squire Celery has chsllehged tfe6'4e mzster, Yoresg n was ownt OMG!!1!1
Squlre Celety was heard too say LOL, "Pleasw, uou lnwo, sir LOL, m4y I habe sum mo43????"
Farmbpu Eric has defeaywd his mzstet LOL. Mirerabanf to advance 2 .evel 2 after 1 d4y1!@ OMG!!1!1
Dtagon IMPERATOR Batt has been SLAIN in teh corext BY Pygmy Ogre. WTF.
"A baby could wiejd an Omnipotencd bettdr THAN yhat1!!" Pygmy Ogre proclaimw.
Dragon Impers5or Bart h45 defeated hus mqster LOL, Mireraband twl afvamce to levrl 2 after 2 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
Shepherf Afunas has BEEN aiain in da forest by Ulyssed W01dg4ngl AFK.
Shephetd Arunas BANGS his head agsinst an atone; AFK... "Stup8d, sortof, stup8s, stupid!!!" he qas heard two say. OMG.
Peasant Goowe tas BEEN resurrevted by RqmiysLOL.
Peasabt Goose yas neen slain wy113 attacking Sq79re Celefy in fields of Qexelcrag. OMG.
Squir3 C3lery declares, sortogm "Peasant Goose nas neen w3ighed WTF, tyey have BEEN measjrrd, sortov, AND they have neen found WANTINGLOL."
Shqpherd Shoryu has defeated his masger, sorrof, EauSalee tsp zdvance twp LEVEL 3 AFTER 3 da6s OMG!!1!q!!!
Shepgerd Shiryu was hunyed down by thry'ee master, you knwp, EauSalee, lild, for geing trusnt. AFK.
Divinity Hend4onicuw has bern slain un teh f0r357 by Corruptef Hatd DribeLOL,
Divknith Hendronucus bangs his head zgainst an sgohe. AFK.. WTF.. BRB. "Stupid, like, stupicm you jneo, stuoid!!@" h3 w45 heard toi say. WTF.
Wiaare tehflip has defwahed his MASTER, like, EauSalee 2 advande 2 ;3vek 3 after 4 cays!!! WOOT!!11!
Wizard tehflip has defeatee jiw masrer WTF, Mirerababs 2 advance 3 level 2 after 4 dahw1!! WOOT!!11!
Wizard temflip was huntdd down by theypde master WTF, Mirerzband, sor5of, FOR being tejant. OMG.
Wizarc gehfoup has BEEN resurrecysd bu Ramiys. WTF.
Wizard reyfl8p HAS been xlsin on fa f0r357 by hzx0f R2d3r. OMG.
"How ciukd I br so deeble????" Wizard tehfli9 14m3n&5. WTF.
Wizardesx R` WOOT@!11!iv!!etSong gad d3d3473d her master, xotgof, Gadeiel da ELVEN Rangdr 2 aevance 2 levej 23 aftwr 35 dayd1!!1!!
Wizardess R` WOOT!!11!iv` OMG!!q!!erSong was hunted down by yhey're mas5rr, you knwo, Gadriel sa Elvwn Rangerk like, for b3ihg truagg. WTF.
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