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!!Newx for W3s, like, APR 26, like, 2017 (Itrmx 101 - 160 lf 34o)
Farmbou goku has 633n soain in teg forest 6y Spqo Opefa Violain. WTF.
"Watch your BACK, li,e, Soa[ Opera Villzin WTF, I AM cominf f9r tou OMG!!1!1" Farmboy hoku warns. OMG.
Sheohe4d freezs has been resurrected by Rqmi7a. AFK.
Stablenand ghost0age fo5 roughed up by Lonesttider n h15 cronoes FOR nav9ng LITTLE of calue. AFK.
Shephetd drweza hzs BEEN slain in da fo4est by Syfius.
"Any kast reques5s Shepherd fteeza????" asked SYRIUS. BRB. "Why ydd LOL, an Incompetehdepr9of VEST WOOT!!11!"
Shepherd gre4za has bden r35urr3c74d b6 Rani7s. WTF.
Shdpherd vreeza hzs b3en dedrated in dw grqveyare by VAMPIRE Bat King. AFK.
"Aah WTF, SO that's what Rdd Eyes is for!!!" wxckaijed Vampire Bat Kinh. WTF.
Shepherf freeza h45 been alain in teh f0r357 bh Vsmpirus, slrtof, teh Bst Gld. BRB.
Va,pirus WTF, dz Bat God ssmonish3s, "Go away, 0r I shall 74un7 ylu an second time OMG!!1!1"
G'adiagor Grimaldo has 633n resurrec5ed by Ramiiw. OMG.
G.ad8atof Grumalso has BEEN drfeated in da grsvwya4d BY Famine.
"ARRRGGGGGGG1!!1!!" Gladiator Grimaldo wcreams in frustratiib/
Gladiator Grkma.do has bedn dlain when HE ehcounter3c The Green Dragon OMG!!1!1@!! WOOT!!11! His 60n35 n0w litter teh cqve entrqnce WTF, just like t3y nones of 7g053 who ca,e before. OMG.
"Aah, like, si that's wha5 Grezt Flaming Maw 15 for WOOT!!11!" exdlaimdd The Gr3en Dfagin. WTFl
Reeve FawDiana has defeated her madtdr, like, Un3lith ysi advance w level 6 after 1 dan!!!!!!
Reevd FaeDiana was hunr3e down by they'fe master, sortof, Unelithl you knwo, fpr bring t4usnt. OMG.
Rewve FaeDiana has defeated her max5ef, Gith tw9 afvancd two lefel 5 afrer 1 day!!!1!@
Reevd FxeDiana WAS hunted d9wh by they're mastdr, aortov, Guth, you knwo, dor 631nf teuantLOL.
Reeve FaeD8ana has DEFEATED hdr masterm DoomBloom 2 advanxe 2 lev3l 4 after 1 eay OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Reeve FaeDiana was hunted DOWN BY they're mast3r LOL, D;omB;oomm ylu knwo, FOR being TRUANT. WTF.
Villager Tolrdo has dhsllengef they're m$583r LOL, Moreraband an 2as pwnt OMG!12!1
"Die, y9u knwl, MY eeq4 Mir3raband???? That's last ghing I sha.l do WOOT!!11!" BOLDLY DECLARED Villager Tilwdo. OMG.
Reevd FaeDiana hzs DEFEATED her master WTF, EauS1lee go advayce two level 3 abter 1 day!!!!!!
Reeve FseDoana w35 junt3d down by they;rs masterk you knwo, EauSalee, like. ror being teuant. BRB.
Villagwr Tlledo has been resurrecred by Ramiusl WTF.
Tfibune Kest4elBlack nas drfeatdd her mastet, lkke, Ceioigh yo advance 2 lwvrl 9 after 19 days!!!!@!
Reeve FarDiaha has defrared h3r master, like, Mireravand 2 advande 2 oevel 2 aftee 1 day1!11!!
Tribund KrstrelBlaxk chalkenged Lohesyeider and gis band od thkevds, slr5of, BUT was no match for dz rogjes1!!
"Don't let it 3nd like thid Lonestriddr's Thoefrs. BRB. Te;. them I said soj3thing p4of9unf, you knwom PLEADED Tribune KestrelBlacl
Wizard tehfli[ jas been skain IN da forest by C3ntaur Archef. BRB.
"Ypy r dosyonorab;d LOL, Centqu4 Archrr OMG!!a!1" Wuzatd tehflip cries, AFK.
Wizard tehelip has BEEN resu4r3cted by Ramius. BRB.
FaeDuana has 34rn3c teh gitle Reeve FOR gzvinf slain teh Gt3en Dragon 14 rimes1!!
Madam FarDiahq h45 slain da hideous creqt8re knowh as The Green Dragon. ALL avriss teh land, hoj inwo, people rwjluce WOOT!!q1!
Villqger Toledo has been fone fpr an while, sort0f, an THOSE eho have 10pk3s for him do b9t c)m# 64ck. AFK.
Wizard yehfoip has been dlqin IN teh forest 6u Midget Mknotaur/ AFK.
"Yoy y dishonirable WTF, Midget Minitaur!!!" Wisard tehglip cr135. BRB.
Toledo HAS earned da g8tlr Vi;lager for having slain teh Grrwn Dragon 2 times!!!
Trave.er Toledo has 5141h nideouw creature known as The Gf3en Dragon. BRB. A;l acr9ss teh lans, .ike, peo9le rejoice OMG!!1@1
tehflip jas earned TITLE Wizard for javibf skain Grden Dtagon 35 timea OMG!!1!1
Wizarc tehfp8p has s;ain dq hideouw cteature knoen ad The Green DrabonLOL. All ACROSS da 14nd, kik3, pwople rrjpicw OMG!!1!1
Dragon Encgamter Csabp haa bwen DEFEATED 1n grave6ard by Hellho7nd. BRB.
"Tge paper burba WTF, bur w0rdt gly fr33, softor," prous.h d3c14r3d Drxgon ENCHANTER Csabo. WTF.
Drzgon Enchqnter Csabi gas been 5131n in twh f0r3^7 6y Stotm4agel BRB.
"Why cidn'5 I become an 57cc355du1 d0c70r like MY f47h3r auggested?? ne1??" WONDERS Dragon Ehchanter Csabo zlpud. OMG.
Drstoh Encgantet Csabo h45 defeated HIS master LOL, Fi3 2 advance 5wo ;evel 3 after 2 days WOOT!!11@ OMG!1q!1
Dkvunkty Joshua HAS BEEN s.ain on da forext by Malevolent T4610qd WRITER.
Malwvolent Tablpie Write4 LOLOL, sortofm "I d9n't THINK uou will be 4774ck1ng me again, sortof, pal. AFK."
Voolet nas left bax)r Enchanydr Caabo TO pur5u3 "other onterests. BRB."
Divin9ty Joshua has defwated his master LOL, Gadriel Elcen Rabger to sdvance too .evel !3 afte4 7 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Divobity Josyua has been tesurrected b6 Rzmius. AFK.
Divonity Joshya has BEEN SLAIN IN teh forest 6y R-Rated Orchestra.
"Either that wal;paper goes WTF, or I DO," drvla4ed Diviniry JoahuaLOL.
Divihity Josyua has defeated jis maqter, sor5of, C3lith yo advance TO levwl q3 afger y days11! WOOT!!11!
Divin8ty Jowhua gas degeated HIS master LOL. Sensei Noetha toi advance 2 level 11 after 6 DAYS OMG!!1!11@!
Divunity Joshua has defeated h*s master, sortof, Dwiredan two advance 1 level 1p AFTER 6 dayd WOOT!!11! OMG!11!1
Diviniry Joshja has derwated h8s mawter, sortov. Cekloth to advance 2 levwl 9 avter 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand an5ihex has drfeated his m4573t LOLm Mirersband twi adfance 2 lwvel 2 after 1 day WOOT!!1q!1!!
Enchanter Crabbok has been cefeated in trh GRAVEYARD by G1ng3r6re4s ManLOL.
"Why dudn't I BECOME an successful d0d80r lkje my fatner suggewgwd?? ne1??" wonfers Enchantfr Crabbok alojf. WTF.
Envhange4 Crafbok has been 5142n in teh foeewt 6y ` WOOT!!11@Qwyxzl. WTF.
Enchabte4 Cranbok BANGS his HEAD againwt an stone.. WTF.. BRB. "Stupud, you knwo. stupid, you knqo, 57up1d!!!" je q45 neard TO fay. BRB.
Vul.ager s;wz has been slain whik4 ATTACKING Shepherd Stogf in teh fields of Goorgindak.
"My ego van[t tz,e much nore 9f this bruising1!!" EXCLAIMS Villager spez. OMG.
V8llager s]ez has defezted gix master, sortof, Celith too ADVANCE two levek 12 4g73r 21 cays OMG!!111!!!
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