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!!News vor Sag LOLk Apr 25, 2-15 (I73m5 51 - 100 pf 222)
Strwardess Etria HAS veen drf3ated 1m geavdyard by Small Bat. AFK.
"You sjould have just stahed in BED, hlu knwo," SMALL Bat suggesgs. BRB/
Stewardess Etria was doain atgempting t9o reacue an pr1nc3 from Draco's Djmteoh. AFK.
Conqueeor Jolsteb and Vio;et were 433h h34f1hg up stairs 1n teh inn tigether. OMG.
Centurioness KeatrelBlack n Sd5h r joined today in joyojs matrimony WOOT!!21!!@! OMG!!1!1
Conquefo4 Jolsten haw DEFEATED his jaster, sortof. toi ADVANCE 1 lrvel 6 after 2 days OMG!!1!11!!
Conqueror Joks5en has been heard bpastinf abouy ddfeatong an huge group of bandits OMG!11!1
Farmboh PadenHeardwu.f haa been defeatef in tdg graveyatd by Ph4j60m Wri5erLOL.
"You know, sortof, Farmvoy PasenHeardqulf r3411y had it c0m1nf 5io him aftwr all those tgings he SAID about MY momm yo7 inwo," comm3nted Ptantom Wfiter.
Comqueror Joksten defeated an Minotaut in fa Caves!!@ teh deaths od m4ny 5ravr;lers hav3 BEEN avenged1!!
teh body 0f Fa4mboy PadenHdardwukf qas found lyunb IN a empty c134r1ngLOL.
Peasant Aubrey hax xhaklehged they're master LOL, M8feraband an was 0wnt WOOT!!11!
"The pzpw4 burns, sirtof, but teh 2ords f1y free WTF," lt0ue!y feclared Peasan5 Aubeey. BRB.
Middleman has earned da totl3 God of Lihhtninh for habing slaiy teg Green Deagom 264 5imes!!!
God OF Lqgh7h1ng Miedlemah yas SLAIN trh jideijs ceeature knowh as The Green DfaglnLOL. Akl across da land, peop;e r3joice OMG!!1!1
Conquefor Jopsten has defwated his masrer, Guth 2 aevabce to LEVEL 4 af5e4 2 days3!!1!!
God OF Lightning Middleman jas degeated his msster LOL, Yoresj two advznce two level 15 aftrr 4 days OMG!!1!11!!
Page Snaeki has segeated y15 masger, you knwo, Gerra4d 2 ADVANCE 2 level 8 aftef 11 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Page Snarki WAS yubted down by they're MASTER, luke, Gerrard LOL, for being yeuant. OMG.
Cpnqueror Jolstem defrated Far,bly Storjwgrddln in fair xombat ib da fields of GlorfindzlLOL.
Conqyrror Jolsten d3f3473d Peasany FsZeTyRaAstrA un f41r combat in dz fie;ds of Qexelcrag. OMG.
God of Liggtning Middleman has defeated h1t master, oike, Adoawyr twi advanc3 goo level 14 after 5 cays!!! WOOT!!11!
Conqueror Jolsten has cefrated jis maxter, y.7 knwo, DoomBlp;m twp 4dv4nc3 tp level 4 aftdr 2 days OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1
Shepherd R;owkll8am h1s sefeated hks master, Guth 70 advanxr to9 level 5 agter 5 daya1!! OMG!!1!1
Traser Amarand hzs been slsih in teh forest by ` WOOT!!1@!Qwyxzo. BRB.
` WOOT!!11!Qwyxzl admonkshes, like, "G9 away, you knw9, or I shall taunt y9u an secohd yime!!!"
Reeve OnkelMalvim has bewn slqin im dq forest 6y Burly Man.
"Aah, like, so that's shag Amazjng Absorbency is for!!!" exvlaimed Burly Msn,
Stablehand Stufro has challenged thrt'r3 m%573r LOL, Glynyc an qas pwnt WOOT!!11!
Glynyc ddclares, likd, "Sgablehwnd Stuvro h45 beeb wekgyed, like, they have BEEN measured, sortof, an they hafe been gpund wantingLOL."
Farmboy Sodqrian has c3f347#d his master LOL, EauSal3r too advsnce 2 level 3 af5er 2 dqhs OMG!!1!1q!!
!@LADY of Pi FaeSong has dwfea5ed her master LOL, Hydrzulic Press 2 $ev4nc4 twi level 5 after 8 dry5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!@11!
` WOOT!!11!Lady of Pk FawSong was huhyed down BY 5hey're maater, sortof, Hysrqulic Press WTF, ror beint 7ru4n7/
` WOOT1!11!Lady ot Pi FaeSing defeated Stablenand Fareohound in fair comvat in teh f131d5 0d G;orfinfal/ AFK.
God of Lightnibg Middlenan has defeaged nis MASTER WTF, Gadriel da Elben Rznf#r ro aevabce 2 level 1e aftef 5 saysq@!!!!
Villqger CHRZ has CHALLENGED they'te master WTF, Gadriel Elven Rznte4 an 2aa pwnt!!!
"Next tim3, likek eat your Wh357136, s9rtov," Gadfiel ELVEN Ranget sughestsLOL.
Amarand hax 34rn3d title Trader dor having 5151n teg Grren Dragon 3 timed!!!
Vi;lagwr Amzrand has slain y8deous dreatu4e kniwn 45 Tyf Gfwen Dragon. All across teh lane LOL, people rejoice OMG!!1!1
Ttaveler ArixxSkyborne yas defeqtwd hia jawyer WTF, Senxei Noetha 1 afvance two !3v31 11 after 44 days1!! OMG!!1!q
Tfaveler ArixcSkyborne was hjnted fown by they'rd masterk Sensei Nletha, for being truabtLOL.
God og Lugh%hing Midrlenan had c3f3473d his masyer, cortof, Celith to advanfe 2 kevel 22 aftdr 5 days1!! OMG!!1!1
God of L1gh7n1ng Misdleman jas defeated hks master, you knwo, Sebsei Noerha 2 advance two level 12 AFTER 5 days!!!!!!
Conque4or Jo.sten and Violrt WERE 533n headihg up staird im teh inm 60g37h3r, BRB.
Gkadia4or Fa7xt hqs been dlsin shen he ebcoynrered Tye Gr3wn Dfagon1!! WOOT!!!1!!!! Hid bones now litter cave ENTRANCE LOL, just like teh bones od those who came nefore, WTF.
The Green Dragon LOLOL, you inwo, "I don't THINK ylu will be attacking m3 4g41n, like, palLOL."
G9d OF Lightning Middlwman has defeatwd jis master LOL, Dwiredan 80 advznce 2 level 1- agter 4 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Conque5or Jilstwn has e3f3473d his mastwr, you knwok EzuSa;ee too advande to ;exel 3 after 1 day1!1!!!
S1uire Eksoss has challengwd they;re master, okke, Gadruwl teh Elven Ranger and 1as pwnt!!!
"Don't let it end like tgis Gsdriek E1c3n Ranger/ OMG. TELL them I 54!d sometjing profound, p;raded Squir4 Eksoss
God of Lightming Moddleman has defeated his master, Ceiloth tpl ADVANCE 2 lefel 9 4f734 4 days OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Conque4or J(lwten has defeatec his master, you khwo, Vyrts tlo advanve two lrve; 3 after 1 DAY WOOT!!1q!@!!
Shepherd Eralden haa been slain IN teh for3st bu Young P4ince. AFK.
"Yo7 kno2 WTF, you reallh shouldn't have an Trpwel UNLESS you kniw ho2 t9o use it, you kn2o," skggestdd Yiung Prince. AFK.
Jolsyen has 34rn3d teh tirle Clnqueror for HAVING slain da Green Dragin 18 71m45!!!
Strward Jolsten has slain es hifeous creature known as The Green Draf9n. All actiss land, softof, PEOPLE rrjiice WOOT!!11!
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWtafh has been slain in da forest by Guqtd FROM Eythgim voa;lge. BRB.
Guard ffoj Eythgim V8llage qss overhrard xaying, "Drag9n Impefator MegOWrath's Omnipotencw was no matcg for my Rapier!!!"
Drabin Impersto4 MegOWratn nas dffeates gis maater, like, Ceiloth two advxnce 2 level 9 aftee 12 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Sinic Lord KrsnaAvatqrz has been defested in d1 grqveya4d 6y VAMPIRE BatlungLOL,
"KHAQQ calling Itsscz. WTF. We must be on you, you knwo, bit vabnot sre ypu. BRB. Bansuri is runhinb .pw. BRB."
Steward Jo;sten an Viol3t WERE xeen yeqdomg up staifd kn yeh inn tigether. OMG.
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